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Harrison Lake Gator?

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My old hometown may have something it has never had before.  But...before I go into too much detail about this a bit of history about the area.


This is what it looks like now.  This area is called Harrison Lake.  It was the city's attempt at trying to beautify the park area.  I want to say the project started between 1988 and 1990.  Maybe a year or two after that.  From the parking lot at the bottom of the picture (which is the junior high parking lot) to a small gazebo on the other side is a walking path with mile markers.  Going full circle is suppose to be equivalent of about three miles.  This waterway is actually called Crooked Creek and is prone to flooding. 

Arkansas Fish & Game fill the creek with fish occasionally but considering all the farm animals upstream urinating in the water I would not eat anything that comes from this water.  Hopefully they resolved that issue by now.  It is beautiful and does have equipment for the kids to play on.  Across the street, (right side of pic behind trees) is a fish restaurant, or use to be.  Not sure if it is still there or not.  So there's a short bit of history behind the area in the picture.

Now the reason for this post.  I was starting Google Chrome on my tablet and get news feeds along the bottom.  One of the caught my eye pertaining to my hometown.  Here, see what you make of it.


Sorry guys, accidentally hit the Quote icon and now I can't get it to delete.  Anyone got a really huge eraser?

I thought I would share this.  I hope you find this entertaining.  BONUS:  This same creek flooded the entire town square (north of bridge in picture) in 1961 destroying almost everything there.  Two old Nash cars are still on a hillside from this flood.



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