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CV ROM Update Project - Commercial Releases - v1.2


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Someone on Atariage has put together a much cleaner and archive of ROMS for Colecovision fans for use in emulator or Flashcards etc. 


Info pasted from post: Posted Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:17 PM


It is a known fact that many of the ColecoVision ROM files and ROM file collections available in the public domain are a mess and include major inconsistencies, multiple incorrect versions, missing versions, bad dumps, overdumps, underdumps, etc. This project seeks to rectify this situation by compiling the definitive ColecoVision ROM package for all titles that were commercially released throughout the 1980s.

The objective of this project is to compile a complete and clean set of ROM files for all of the titles commercially released for the ColecoVision from inception through to, and including, the 1980s Telegames releases. This project specifically excludes all non-commercial and unofficial releases such as demos, prototypes, hacks, bootlegs and test cartridges, but does include reproductions where they were commercially released as well as fixes to ROMS with known issues. The intent being to provide the definitive go-to commercial releases ROM set.


Link to thread and archive package:





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