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I Can Finally Play It!

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For our 10th Anniversary my wife gifted me what I would need to play the Super NES again.  I finally have a power supply (which also powers the Genesis!) and a new controller.  Oh...and F-ZERO!  Which was the only reason why I bought a Super NES system when they came out.  I didn't care what other games I got back then as long as I had F-ZERO I was good.  I spent, more like wasted, lots of teenage months on that game.


The long wait is finally over.  The SNES is now complete enough to enjoy it.  I have to admit that I've missed F-Zero without actually knowing I missed it.  I'll have to try to get the other games I once had but, geez, for some reason people think Nintendo games are worth more than Atari games.  Earth Defense Force, Gradius III, Top Gear, Zelda (especially Zelda), Super Mario World, Super Metroid, all are not cheap no matter where they are found.  I know I had a few more BITD but I can't seem to remember what those were.  

OK.  Gotta cut this short.  The urge to play F-Zero is getting the better of me. We need another F-Zero Squad Challenge now that I will be able to participate.


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4 minutes ago, Justin said:

This is GREAT! I always loved F-ZERO and it was the first game I had on Super Nintendo also. We have more SNES High Score Squad Challenges coming up, I hope you'll join in!

You don't have to ask.  As long as I have the games for the Squad Challenges I will join in.  I'm fixing to setup the 7800 for the PP II challenge later this evening.

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