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Why I want an Intellivision Amico

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The modern console market is a mixed bag.  My wife and I have an XBOX One.  I had XBOX One games collected from my 360's Gold account and acquired 40 plus games long before I got the One.  But, low and behold, my gold account expired and while I could download them I also could not play them until I renewed my Gold service.  And the hard drive sizes can be misleading.  Ours has a 1 TB drive and after a few games it is already almost full.  A 500 GB system might not be the best option but would get you started at least.  Half of that goes to the operating system.

I stand behind Tommy and the AMICO for what they are doing.  I'd personally like to see online gaming for any game where I didn't have to pay extra to play a game with a friend in another house, town, or state.  Right next to me would be better but I don't have that.  And if I wanted to play a friendly competition game of Moon Patrol with say RickR I should be able to use the ISP I already pay for.  No more extra fees.  

We need to bring back those times when gaming was about hanging out with friends beating each others' scores until your hands couldn't take it any more.

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