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Plymouth Acclaim

Atari 5200 Guy

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I've been finding all kinds of pictures online of what others have done to their Acclaim.  To be honest I've thought about doing a crazy thing to mine.  Paint it black with a blue maze-like outlines all over it.  Have four ghosts, each of a different color or in their blue state when a power pellet is ate, as the wheels.  For a horn have it play the Pac-Man theme once the Start button is pressed.  Leave the interior the gray it is, redone with new material, have blue neon glowing from under the dash and under the front seats.  Yellow dome light.  Somewhere in the car have a 2600 Junior setup to play, what else, Pac-Man games.  Then again that would probably be too far out there.  Sounds cool though.

Otherwise I do plan on doing something custom to it I'm just not sure what I want to do to it yet. 

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I figured it out!  The color theme.  Metallic black, glossy, with a chrome stripe all the way around.  In the style of the 2600 Junior, 5200, and 7800 consoles.  That'd work for me.  American Racing wheels are what I'd go with. 

There's a small cubby hole I use for setting my cellphone in while driving.  I can turn that into a playable 2600 or just mount a 2600 on the floorboard under the dash.  Or convert the glove box into a small entertainment center with a 2600 Junior and DVD/Monitor unit.  Not sure how to set it up yet but the sound could be patched to go through the stereo system with it's AUX IN plugs.  I have an older Sony portable DVD player that I can patch a video and audio signals to so I can use that for somewhat of a 2600 screen.  

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Well...this looks nice, too.  But I'd have to change the wheels.  I was something more muscle looking...not import tuner like.


Not mine but similar color.  Same body style less the ground effects.  Mine is also not lowered.  I'd like to know where they found the weatherstripping and other black accents?  I'd have to keep the Chrysler emblem on the front, though.  I'd have to use these wheels on mine if I can find them in 14"

American Racing Wheels

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