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The 80's icon: DeLorean

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Is there a more iconic 80's car that the beautiful stainless steel DeLorean DMC-12?  Or is it only iconic because of the Back to the Future movies?

Here are some YouTube videos featuring the car.  I am the type that will watch these when I find them just because I think the car is pretty cool.  Share any videos, pictures, or information you have!

First up is a real review from 1981 from the PBS show "MotorWeek".  From this video, I learned that you have to pop the front "trunk" to put gas in the car!


And here's one from 2019 about a car collector that spent WAY too much buying and fixing one, yet ended up loving it.  Hoovie actually has several videos on this car, but this one is the summary.


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My uncle owns one and they are a headache to maintain.  He's spent quite a bit of money fixing it up.  He does take it to car shows and people love seeing them.  He's even added some mods to make it look like Doc Brown's DeLorean.  ;)

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