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Atari 5200 Guy

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Hi Guys!

While browsing some old discs of backed up material I ran across a game I made in DarkBASIC during my college years.  I have no plans to do anything with it as I've lost all source code many moons ago so I will upload it here for you all to download and try out.  It's a full version so have fun with it.  All I ask is that it doesn't get uploaded to any other website or to any public domain website.  It's not for sale and I'm not releasing it in the Public Domain.  I'm only sharing it with my friends here.

I'm not sure what all machine types it will run on but I do know it will only run on Windows machines and requires Direct X 9.0c.  It doesn't matter if you have a newer version of Direct X or not DX9.0c is required because it contains files missing from other versions of Direct X for creating/development purposes.  So if you try to play the game but get a Direct X error then you will need to install Direct X 9.0c.  If you get any other errors you may have to try it on a different Windows setup as I never tested it on anything other than a Windows 7 gaming laptop from 2008.

The game is similar to Battleship.  The player places their "Armies" then the CPU does the same thing.  After that it's all out war.  The first to find their opponent's armies wins the game.  Pretty basic stuff.  I don't consider this my best work but at least it's fully functional.  I believe arrow keys move things and either Enter or the space bar were for confirmation.

Enjoy!  I would like to hear feedback about it.



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