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Choose Your Own Adventure Board Game!


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ZMan Games has announced its second board/card game based on Choose Your Own Adventure Books from the 80s. I bought the "House of Danger" game and the game is played with cards and a small board. It is set up into five chapters with objectives to complete each chapter. You can make decisions, but you sometimes will need to make a 6D roll on a certain attribute to beat the "Danger Index". You also have a Psychic meter which will progress you into certain areas of the game. There are also several items you can collect to help you through the game. It combines the old quirky humor the R. A. Montgomery was known for in his books so it relates to all generations. I recommend 1-4 players and you cooperatively try to finish the chapters. It combines simple, easy to learn gameplay while not being bogged down by reading the story all the time. The new game is called "War with the Evil Power Master" and looks like it will play a little differently, but will definitely be on my wish list.


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16 minutes ago, Justin said:

I love stuff like this. I love the artwork, this looks like it could be straight out of Tim Lapetino's "Art of Atari".

Oh yeah, The cards have all the original artwork from the books. I am not sure if it is a word for word copy of the book overall, but it pays homage to the artwork and humor of the book.

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