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StormSurge's Extra Life Giveaway


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Sooooo... 😀

Several of you have already been kind enough to donate to my Extra Life fundraiser this year. You guys got me off to a great start (I'm currently at 41% of my goal) but I'm always looking to do more.

The event is coming up in a few weeks (November 2) and while you can still donate through the end of the year, I want to make another push to exceed my goal on or before gameday.

Therefore, I've decided to do a raffle similar to what @Atari Creep did for his Alzheimer's Walk fundraiser. For every dollar donated (retroactive for all of you who have already donated!), you will receive one entry into the drawing.

Now you must be wondering, "What are the damn prizes??"

That's a great question. Stay tuned & I will be posting them here over the next couple of days.

I have some ideas already and they include gift certificates relevant to the retro gaming scene, some classic toys and who knows what else I can find. Mainly, it will be gift certificates since you guys already wiped out my excess retro game collection.

Here's the link to donate: Storm's Extra Life Page

(Our own @fergojisan is part of my fundraising team. You can join too and together, we can rule the fundraising galaxy not as father and son but rather as good pals.)

Disclaimer: Only those who let me know that they donated for the giveaway will be entered into the drawing. Again, those Atari.IO members who have already given are already entered but none of the other donors from outside Atari.IO who have already donated will be. That said, with @Justin's blessing, I may open it up to other retrogamers, nerds, etc. from my Twitter & IG followers and possibly the very few posters who know of me at AA.


What is Extra Life??

It's a 24 hour gaming marathon (EDIT: 25 hours! Daylight Savings Time!!) to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised over $50 million for sick & injured kids. I'm raising money for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center (yes, I know I live in NY now, but it's basically CT. It's a long story.) All donations are tax-deductible.


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An extra hour!!
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31 minutes ago, Atari Creep said:

Awesome bro! Since you won my give away maybe it might be better to take me out of this one. Just so no one can cry like a baby if in the chance I win something here. Either way let me k ow what i can do to help and best of luck bro.

No way!

If people don't trust me, that's tough for them.

When I do the drawing, I will do it live & record it.

I can tell you right now that I will be shuffling the list 12 times, as that's my favorite number. 

Also, I'll make sure I have enough prizes for everyone who donates. The winner of the giveaway will have the first pick, then the next in line will have the second, etc. until everything is gone.

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The first item I'm ready to announce as part of the raffle/giveaway/reward is an Atari 7800/2600 Control Pad CX78, made by @RetroGameBoyz!

Once the winner has chosen this item, it will be shipped directly from RetroGameBoyz.


Professionally designed brand new, handmade game pad that works great with the Atari 7800 (2 button games) and 2600 (1 button games) and other Atari 2600 (1 button games) joystick compatible consoles and computers. Provides a new way to experience retro games on the original consoles, computers. Also works with Retron 77 and Atari Flashback 8 systems too!

Atari 7800 (and 2600) - 2 button
- Brand NEW Circuit Board - designed to work with the Atari 7800 console
- A direct replacement for Atari 7800 Controller and 2600 Joystick
- Much better than the CX78 Euro controller
- Super responsive directional pad and fire buttons
- Light weight and comfortable
- New Black Gloss Case
- New 10ft cable
- Custom decal (wood grain)
- (B) left button - action 1
- (A) right button - action 2
- (B) and (A) both fire button 1 with Atari 2600 games
- (Start) moves right (simulates menu selection where applicable)
- (Select) moves left (simulates menu selection where applicable)
- Does not work with Flashback 9

Classic Controller.jpg

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Prizes updated!

  • Custom made 2600/7800 controller pad
  • Art of Atari
  • The Game Console
  • Pac Man Board Game
  • Space Invader Funko Pop
  • Q*Bert Funko Pop
  • Super Mario Bros silicone ice cube tray
  • Adventure 2600 cartridge journal
  • Asteroids 2600 cartridge journal
  • Missle Command 2600 cartridge journal

I may have a few more tchotchkes and most likely gift cards, depending on how many more donors decide to participate in the giveaway. 

One entry for every $5 donated. Right now I have 10 prizes and 5 participants. (GRay Defender, Rick R, Greenween, Atari Creep & LS Greger). I'm hoping to have more prizes & more donors soon!

One week from gameday!

I'll post my proposed schedule this week. I'm planning on streaming the entire 25 hours. I'm bummed that my Retron 77 isn't being picked up by my capture card but I'm hoping the original hardware will do the trick.

Help me spread the word!! Thank you all!



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I'll make a facebook post.  This is really cool.  Thank you for doing it. 

EDIT -- I made posts in Facebook groups "Portland Retro Gamers" and "Video Gamers R Us".  Please let me know if that's not OK and I will remove them.  But hopefully, a little exposure will help your cause to help those kids. 


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It is absolutely okay!!! I really appreciate it Rick!!!!! THANK YOU!

 I’ve also decided that if I can finish in the Top 3 donors for my local hospital, I’ll dye my hair blue & orange or something crazy. Right now I’m #10,  $520 outside of the third spot. (**I’m up to 8th place!!**)

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If anyone is interested in me playing horribly at 2600 games, here's the first three hours of my marathon:

@Atari Creepwas a trooper & kept me company in the wee hours of the morning while I made my way through some COD: Modern Warfare campaign. @Control Issuesstopped by while I was playing some virtual golf.

Thank you again for all of your support, both financially & with spreading the word.

I will draw the order for the giveaway later today (hopefully).


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  1. RickR - Custom controller
  2. Eugenio (TrekMD) - $25 Atari Age gift certificate & SMB ice cube trays
  3. Greenween - Pac Man board game
  4. GRay Defender - Space Invader & Q*Bert Funko Pops
  5. LSGreger - Art of Atari book
  6. Elitgro - Game Console book
  7. AtariCreep - Set of 3 2600 journals
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