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What I'm Thankful For

Atari 5200 Guy

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Hey Guys,

With it being Thanksgiving I thought I would write what I'm thankful for.  

First off, I'm thankful to have a warm place to lay my head and plenty of food to eat.  I'm also thankful for my wife for whom I put up with and who puts up with me year after year.  I'm thankful for all the neat video games and systems I have in my collection.  I'm thankful for the friends I have in Minnesota who I hope are staying safe and warm this holiday.  And I'm thankful for all you guys here at Atari I/O.  Without you guys I wouldn't have most of the games in my Atari collection nor would I have meaning for having them.  It's one thing to have those games to enjoy but those games are enjoyed more when I'm able to enjoy those with you guys here.  I will forever be grateful for those that have literally given away gaming gear for others to enjoy.  There's no way I could ever part with them knowing where they came from.  

With that being said, Thank you for everything you guys have done from Justin keeping this place going, to NSG with his family-friendly YouTube videos, to Atari Creep keeping it real, Lee having to start from scratch (which I am very glad is still able to be with us), to StormSurge doing his Give-A-Way, and the rest of the Atari I/O crew who make this place the best place to be on the internet.  My only wish is for us to have the ability to do this for many years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and for those traveling this year here's for safe travels.  And don't forget the PIE!    

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1 hour ago, RickR said:

Well said.  I'm thankful for health and family and friends.  My goal for the day is to finally get in on the Food Fight challenge, hope the turkey turns out nicely, and just try to relax.  Thanks to everyone here for being here to read my gibberish!


You mean Gibberish is actually a thing?  Hmph.  I never knew that :rofl:  Happy Turkey Day!

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Had a terrific Thanksgiving day.

Brought the "go-bag" in upstairs to one of the gaming areas of my nieces known as "The schoolroom". Nephew had to get a multi-tap outlet ...yada-de-ya.  First cart he wanted to play was "Space Invaders" so I went to level "33" co-operative 2 player mode then progressed up through the variations from there til we got to invisible, wiggly barricades, with doubled & fast wiggly enemy fire.

He's been getting into Looney Tunes so I brought "Taz" & had some good rounds of that. later in the evening he brought me a Spiderman PnP he found while cleaning the basement or something that needed the battery tray cleaned. So we used ""SCIENCE"" white vineger & q-tips away from all the food washing hands afterwards. had to steal batteries outta the xb360 controllers

played some boardgames, food, movie theater (Joker)

And now on to the portion we call "Thanks-feasting" next 3 days of leftovers more boardgames, videogames ping-pong, Foosball


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