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Graphics Card Request

Atari 5200 Guy

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Buddy of mine at work just upgraded to a whole new PC setup for his Xmas present beginning of this month. Part of that was getting himself a new RTX2080 Super. The card he had before was a GTX900 series card that would have been a bottle neck for the his new system. I wonder what he did with that old card? It actually used to be my old video card and I sold it to him for cheap about 2 years ago when I got my GTX1070. Point being that old 900 series card should be able to handle the games you want to play at medium to high setting at 1080p in many cases. Let me see what he did with it and how much to get it off his hands...


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Well, I had a crazy thought.  I've been watching videos on what older video cards are doing with newer games and how they perform.  I don't have the information overlay that those videos do but I can put together a mix of games that are playing on the GT 210 I am using and do my own video on what games play like on that 210.  The games I picked are a bit older and more designed for use with the 210 or other cards from that era.  Games I've played on it so far are:

  • Tanks Unlimited
  • Alien Breed
  • X-Blades
  • American Truck Simulator
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Moon Project 

Most of those games play well, but most are made long before the 210 existed.  I tried playing a few newer games but the driver version was not accepted by those games.  American Truck Simulator plays OK with settings set to a minimum and ETS 2 plays well with graphics turned up a bit.  Saint's Row 2 plays OK as long as I keep graphics settings between low/medium.  Car Mechanic Simulator 15 struggles no matter what I do but still playable if one doesn't mind fps drops.

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Every time you say "210", I think of this beauty...the Datsun 210 Honey Bee:


I haven't seen one of these in years.  I would guess most of them were driven until the wheels fell off, never to be considered as "collector" cars.  Yet, for me, I'd love to find one of these to restore.  We had a good friend neighbor that bought one of these new in the 70's, so I have good memories.  Maybe I'll look for one after the Subaru project is complete. 

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My mother's first boyfriend had a white one just like that.  Those things were cool in their own way.  Did not like to climb hills, though, and we lived out in the country where there were lots of hills.  Maybe I ought to put a bee sticker on my graphics card.

I'd have one.  A family friend of mine had one and was too drunk to drive home one New Year's Eve.  So I had to drive him home in one of those.  It didn't have the "Honey Bee" emblems, just a plain Datsun 210.  Automatic, sucked going up hills.  A few times I thought one of us was going to have to get out and push the thing up the hills.

Mom had 280Z when her boyfriend had that B210.  Hehe...guess which car I like better?  Mom never had trouble out of her 280Z but traded it in for a 280ZX.  It wasn't bad but we had more issues with that car than she did the 280Z.  It remained in the family for 15 years.  

Those 210s would be a sleeper to try to find.  I know I miss my Mazda 323 sedan I bought for $100 once.  Fun car to drive.  Refused to do anything one day, no power, no nothing.  Never figured it out.  Lasted a year.  I'd love to restore my Plymouth Acclaim and I keep my eyes open for more that are cheaply priced no one wants.  If those are found with the little four cylinder in them they can be reliable cars.  I'd avoid the V6 models because the motors in those are know to be unreliable.  Mine just turned 194,000 miles and I've had it for 11 years now.  She has issues but still runs.  Issues are more body and accessory work than mechanical.

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