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Bank switching carts with RAM or POKEY.


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3 hours ago, peteym5 said:

We have access to 7800 Bank switching carts / boards. What I need is the specifications on these boards. Where RAM or POKEY located or which areas get swapped out during bank switching. These are 128K, 128K RAM, and 128K Pokey. Same cartridges Atari used for Winter Games and Summer Games.

Also Ballblazer.

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I have no knowledge on how those carts are accessed.  I know they have RAM and I know they have a POKEY chip for additional 4 channel sound that can be combined with TIA's 2-channel sound for a total of 6 channels.  I have no clue how to access them.  I'll see if I can dig up the original tech docs on the 7800 on the net somewhere.

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