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What are some of your favorite '80s movies that might be considered "under-appreciated" or "forgotten"? i.e. not a blockbuster major studio franchise?

I was just thinking about rewatching Down And Out In Beverly Hills and how that movie really takes me back to that place and time. Is it the best movie of the 1980s? Probably not. But it's iconic of California in 1986 and I like rewatching it occasionally. It always puts me in the mood for 8-bit gaming! ☺️

Movies like Back To The Future, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and E.T. tend to rank up there on our list of "Favorite '80s Movies" and are discussed frequently, but what about everything else? What are some of your favorite '80s movies out of your VHS collection that haven't been brought up in a while?



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There's a lot that come to my mind:

  • Blue Thunder - The fancy helicopter movie starring Roy Scheider.
  • The Thing - John Carpenter remake is absolutely riveting to watch even now.
  • Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan.  I don't think we'd have any Star Trek nowadays if this movie wasn't so good.
  • Big Trouble in Little China - An action movie that's FUN from start to finish.  
  • UHF - Weird Al at his finest.  

Down and Out -- I had forgotten about that, and I definitely need to rewatch.  Nick Nolte was huge in the 80's.  Deservedly so.  


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Oh man...I totally forgot about Last Starfighter.  That's a good one.  Never seen Cloak & Dagger.  I have most Star Trek movies up to the one after Generations.  My favorite is IV.  I always get a laugh out of Dr. McCoy about Spock.  

"Oh GOD I loved him better before he was dead!"

Gets me every time. 

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18 hours ago, kamakazi20012 said:

I knew her name was Jennifer...I just couldn't remember her last name.  I use to think she was hot.  Sorry if a bit inappropriate but it's true.  

You aren't the only one... I still try and watch everything she is in!


As for icon 80s movies...look to my avatar as my #1 pick!



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