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I got this update today from Carl at Songbird and I thought I'd share it here...


After many years of wishful thinking, the Songbird website has finally completed a major overhaul. You can now browse items and add them to your shopping cart or wish list, create a user account, and use modern secure payment processing tools. I also have a blog which I will update periodically. Some particular items of interest:

    1.  Inventory is now managed online, meaning items will go out of stock automatically when the last one is ordered. It isn't complete yet but it's better than the old manual system. I have set up all item quantities to be conservative to ensure I have them in stock at the moment.
    2.  International customers can now select a couple of shipping options, depending on the weight of the order. International shipping ranges from $20-40, where $40 is insured and guaranteed but the cheaper options are not. USA customers remain at a flat $8 shipping for any order.
    3.  Songbird Lynx games which support comlynx are now available in a discounted "duo" option, where you get two curved lip carts, one box, and one manual. This allows you to pick up a second copy for comlynx at a much better price.

To celebrate, I've added some new items to the store including:

  • Limited quantities of imported Telegames Jaguar and Lynx releases
  • Limited quantities of SIMIS, T-tris, and Othello for the Lynx

Take the new site for a spin, and let me know if you run into any glitches!

Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions

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🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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