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How Often Do You Play Board Games?


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How often do you play Board Games? I love Board Games and feel like they were a big part of our lives growing up and were around on the same Saturday evenings as Atari 2600 was. The Coronavirus quarantine is going on right now (note to friends reading this in the future) and this feels like a great week for doing family fun stuff in the house. That got me thinking about Board Games, and then @Atari Creep did a Board Game livestream playing Battleship with his family.


That got me thinking that I'd love to do a Board Game Squad Challenge in the forums! It would be fun to try sometime. For example, we'd play Battleship either using our own boards at home, or using printable PDF printouts of Battleship boards that I could post in the Squad Challenge and we could print them out, cut out the little ships, and play them like Bingo cards. We'd play "long distance" in the same spirit that people used to play Chess by mail, sending each other moves in the mail and maybe only making a move or two a week. We could play a game of Battleship in the forums as a 15-day Squad Challenge.

I've also begun collecting Board Games, particularly vintage games that I find, or the new "Retro" series Board Games that they have at Target. Here's a few Board Games from what I've collected so far:












So how often do you play Board Games? Do you have some original games that you've always had growing up or have you bought new ones? What do you enjoy most? Do you play more often with family or friends?


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Great topic!

I still have most of the classic board games from childhood:  Life, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Risk, etc.  Inside the box, you'll find hand-written "records" my brother created when he creamed us. 

This week at home, my family has so far played:  Scrabble (RickR the Dad won in a surprise victory), and Scattergories (oldest son won in a close 4-way battle). 

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took this pic awhile ago ...figgered it'd make good wall paper every once inawhile they will fall off the little ledger I have there

I look for 'em at thrifts open 'em up the instructions usually have a parts list so I'll take the time too see if it's complete I try and find stuff from the earliest patent of the game (like first editions I guess) ... IMHO ... if it looks old its pretty cool ... my family doesn't alway agree ... I still haven't played my 1934 Monopoly yet ;"(

for family gatherings I usually take 4 or 5 games with me. they also have favorites of their own. some winners I brought were "The Amazing Race", "Score Four", "Trouble", "Dynamite Shack" ... they always have a "scabble-off" "Settlers of Catan" ( or just Catan ) is wildly popular

the card games like D&D ain't my thing

I would like to learn how to play "Go" I have one with the stones & all .... one of these days I guess 



board games.jpg

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There's a Gameboy version of Clue that's pretty good if you want to play but can't find two extra people.  Also on other systems too.  NES, for example.  I've got a couple of board game GBA carts that I like to take with me on airplane trips.  Usually three games per cart, and the computer makes a good opponent. 


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Clue had a competitor called Whodunit?  I had both.  I liked them both but favored Whodunit? better.  The player pieces were wood.


My wife and I have board games but rarely play them.  I get board (see how I did that?) with them quickly.  I'll play board games on a game machine all day long because you can have more than two players.  

During my young adult years I would visit my cousin often.  Her house was grand central station for fun.  And she had a ton of board games.  She also had a few for the NES and SuperNES.  Clue was one she had on the Super which was a lot of fun but you had to have the game's manual because your "scratch" sheet was on two center pages.  She would take it to work with her and make copies using their Xerox machine.  I got the Genesis port and, yep, same thing.  I went to the post office to get mine copied.  Fun game but make sure you have the manual.


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13 minutes ago, kamakazi20012 said:

I love Battleship.  I wonder if there is a way to play the board game with someone else online?

If we did a board game as a Squad Challenge it would work sort of like 2-Player Battle. Each turn we take we'd just message the other player what our move is, and expect everybody to play honestly.

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12 minutes ago, kamakazi20012 said:

That would be cool and different.  And I believe Battleship is the only board game where one player's move is mirrored on the other player's board.  I would suggest every boat be left in place even after being sank so that at the end of the game both side can show what their setup looked like.

Yes I agree. And if we do this I hope this is one Squad Challenge that we could get @Video 61 to join in on.

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9 hours ago, kamakazi20012 said:

I AGREE!!  completely agree!  It would be different for a company to mingle with the customers it does business with.

Lance has always been invited to play in High Score Squad but he's always been busy with things it seems. He's the one guy left on earth who owns almost every single game ever made, hopefully he can join in sometime :pole_position_blimp:

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3 hours ago, Justin said:

He's the one guy left on earth who owns almost every single game ever made, hopefully he can join in sometime :pole_position_blimp:

I'm trying to steal his stash...shhhh. 🤣  I hope so, too.  That would be a LOT of fun.  Why have all those games if you are not going to enjoy them?  Saving them for a rainy day doesn't count any more...we are stuck in our homes now.  

I know he has one item in particular I would absolutely love to have in my collection.  It would be my holy grail item.

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