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Price Tag Thread

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I find price tags interesting. 🏷️  In the same way I find it interesting when I see an NES cartridge with someone’s name written on it in magic marker. Tags tell a story. Where it’s been, and when. Where it all started. What happened to it after being unloaded off that semi truck eastbound out of Sunnyvale? Did it end up on the clearance rack? Did it find a temporary home on the store shelf at K-Mart, JC Penny’s, Sears, Montgomery Ward’s, Kay-Bee Toys, or Woolworth’s? @Kid A even posted an Atari 2600 Defender cartridge that came from Pep Boys

Let’s see your interesting price tags and the stories you think go with them!



Mario Bros // Atari 7800



Millipede // Atari 2600



E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial // Atari 2600



Another E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial // Atari 2600

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4 hours ago, RickR said:

Here's a K-Mart sticker from SwordQuest EarthWorld.  It looks like it was marked down a few times.

VERY cool @RickR!! I was hoping to see some K-Mart price tags show up! I've been looking for them on my stuff as well. I wonder if the 1183 on the top left of the price tag is a Nov 83 date.. The one behind it says 108- and then it's cut off, makes me wonder if it says 1083 for Oct 83?

The new SwordQuest Earthworlds I got are sealed, the boxes are so-so, but they looked really rough because they had very large discount price tags on there that were the size of Office Max address labels that you'd run through your printer. I think they must have come from Service Merchandise or something. Kinda ruined the look of the box. I like price tags but these ones were huge. I did some label surgery with Goo-Gone and the results were tremendous. I should post a little tutorial, they came out great.

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I found one box with a price tag on it.  This price tag doesn't say anything but the price but I remember exactly where the store was located where I got the game.  This was a small local store that sold computer stuff.  For some odd reason, they had a stock of Atari games.  So I got Venture there all those years ago.  They sold the games cheaper than in other stores despite being a small store (I have to wonder if they just wanted to get rid of the stock). 



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1 hour ago, nosweargamer said:

Getting ready to work on a review of this one and noticed the sticker. Never been to a Murphy's before. After inflation,this would cost around $88 today.


You're reviewing Street Racer? Awesome. Decently fun in multiplayer but an abysmal game to play alone. 

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