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plugging random stuff into the Seagull 78

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So, I recently picked up an AtariVox+ (yay!) and noticed that it doesn't quite fit into the slot of my 7800. As it states on the AtariAge shop, not all extension cables seem to work with it. Thankfully, the Seagull 78 seems to be totally compatible with the little guy, giving 7800 owners yet another reason to own one (or two) of these things. So, that got me to try plugging in other random items with the same nine pin port.

So far, most of the bootleg Famiclone controllers still dont work properly. The BrawlerGen from Retro Fighters works like a champ, and theres this odd lightgun called the "Panther" that "sorta works."   I tried out the Panther with the seagull 78 and Crossbow instered, it for sure sees the lightgun and the shots register but theres no way to aim. Disapointing but its making me curious to see what else can be used on the 7800 thats to this little cable.

Anyone here have any unusal stull that ended up working on their Atari units?




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