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Get started with emulation on 4 systems...

GRay Defender

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44 minutes ago, GRay Defender said:

Thanks!  I hope I don't disappoint you...

Never!  Your videos are excellent always.  That's why I subscribe.

This was really well done.  The only part I had a question on was on the Intellivision portion.  I always have trouble with games that use the keypad.  My emulator maps the keyboard keypad as the controller keypad, but the buttons are "upside down" (on an Intellivsion, 1 is top left.  On a keyboard 1 is bottom right).  So emulation for Intellivision always seems to lack a good solution. 



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No worries.  That would make a good follow up video I think.  I can't be the only one.  You covered a lot of ground and it was very helpful.  I'm trying the A7800 emulator next. 

I just got a set of 3d glasses in the mail, and I'm going to try Virtual Boy emulation soon.  I think that will be really fun. 

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Awesome video! 

I'm currently tracking down emulators for use on my Android phone.  So far I found Emubox to be good at emulating GBA and DS games.  It does more but I have yet to test those.  The only other systems I am looking for are original GB, 2600, 7800, XE, and maybe the Famicom and SFC.  I have also thought about the PCE.  They have to be free and at least work.  I don't mind ads as long as the ads don't interfere with the games working.

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