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What Are Your Favorite Pinball Tables?

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There was also one I think was called "Mata Hari" or something like that.  It was in a convenience store on the way home from high school for me, and I really got hooked on pinball after playing that one whenever I had a spare quarter. 

These days, I'm a sucker for any "Pinball Collection" type game on the newer consoles.  The Williams Collection being a favorite. 

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Yeah, like Rick, I can go for any pinball if it's in physical proximity.


But as a nostalgia item, I would say the Kiss table, for one.

Played it on a daily basis at my local cheap eats spot on the way to and back from school, in those heady days of Kiss Army membership.

I was a big fan (obvs) and the awesomeness that was the greatest rock band alive coming alive on the bumper thumps and flipper saves and everything well...couldn't pass it up.


Also, another daily table was Black Knight, sole pinball at our corner bowling alley and teenage meeting haunt.

We were both good customers - dropping all our loose change in this and the couple of cabinets present - and bad  - we would stay there as long as humanly possible on a few dollars, figured out a way to shock the cabiinet coin slots into giving us free games by using carpet friction, would flick the Black Knight switch underneath until it gave us free games (peaked at 99, I think).

Yeah, I didn't discover either of those tricks, felt very bad at the buds doing this, but still exploited the heck out of that friction one.

Cuz (bad) science!


eh, I sidetracked a bit. Oh well. Lemme finish with Caveman, that blue hybrid pinball and VG.

Played only a few times on this one. It was out of town and me and my dad would stop by the big city mall were he'd go off and leave me at the arcade with a fistful of quarters.

This one just impressed with its easy switch to the maze VG bit and back to the table.

I liked the reward of playing that internal mini game from strategizing the pinball action.


I could go on...those early model/late 60s surf tables found in hotels and diners alongside the enigmatic Pong cabinets, in those pre-arcade days...any mechanical score display table, where the gear sounds were as cool as the bumpers bells...


Yeah, pinball talk


Bring it on

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Being that I've attended the last 2 Houston ArcadeExpo's, and their original focus was on pinball machines, I've played more pinball in the last 2 years than ever in my life. My favs would be:


Rollergames (love the TV show!)

Demolition Man

Circus Voltaire


Back to the Future

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My favorite pinball of all time is either Cyclone or Comet - doesn't matter cuz they're almost the same pin.


Other faves are Sky Lab, Xenon and Tri Zone.


I was at Pinfest in Allentown last weekend and I shot video. I'm still editing the vid and hope to have it up sometime this week.

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Gotta post this link here as a follow-up to Rick's mention of the Pinball Hall of Fame.

It's a page with sweet panoramas of the D.C Pinball Museum.




Also has links within to more of same in different areas.


Would you believe I found this while looking up M-Network VG titles?

It's one big wonderful world of retro gaming that opens up once you dive into the portal.

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There's a Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas that's just about the most awesome place.  Screw the casinos...when I'm in Vegas, that's the place to go. 


I went to the HoF this past summer. Holy cripes....Pinball Circus!! That thing is a monster! I heard someone offered the owner $150,000 for that thing...and was turned down.


But answering the OP...among my favorites (although I'm not a huge pinball fan): Pinball Circus, Haunted House (Ferg wasn't kidding -- it is REALLY COOL!), Police Force (I played that a lot when I was in college; at one point I had getting the bonus points and extra games with that ramp down to a science!), and the new Batman machine.

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