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Vue Smiling?

Atari 5200 Guy

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I love trying to coming up with catchy topic titles 😁

Long story short my poor Plymouth Acclaim, as much as I love it, simply needs to be replaced.  Its getting too unsafe to be on the roads. It still runs and drives but leaks everything, most of the time the doors don't open, and I can't find parts for it any more without buying a whole car like it.  I've had it 12 years now so it has served me well.

At our local Chevy dealer there is a backlot. I've been looking at what's back there.  The idea is to get something cheap but reliable.  I seen this SUV, looked it over real good, and took a pic to get ideas.  When I got home I looked at those pics.  Tell me ... Do you believe cars can smile?


Its a 2004 Saturn Vue.  The instrument cluster is missing, and the passenger rear tire was low when I snapped this pic.  It wasn't smiling when I looked at it.  And...no...I was only drinking Coke.

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Sorry for the quality of the pic.  I have an old flip phone.  It doesn't allow me to use a computer with it unless I have a memory card installed in the phone...and I don't.  SO I had to screenshot the screen using another camera LOL.

I know cars can be with someone long enough that they become a part of the family.  And I keep seeing, in my mind, bits and pieces of that Disney cartoon short about the little blue car.  I'm not after something fancy, although behind the Vue was a Cadillac Deville with no scratches, dents, cuts, or tears at all.  It was immaculate...just old.  I'm going to say most of these cars are at least 15 years old I looked at.  There were a LOT of Caddy's back there.  There was one Cavalier there as well I was eyeing a lot.  

I do have a question...is it OK to sell the car without an instrument cluster where you don't know what the mileage on the car is? The reason why I ask is maybe I can use that as an angle to get the Vue dirt cheap if it runs.  I haven't made it that far yet.  Planning my strategy ahead of time. 😄 

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I wonder if one could get two cars as a bundle deal?  Use the angle, " to take them off your hands where you don't have to see them again."  I wonder if that would work LOL.  

I guess I'm one of the weird car shoppers.  I'm not interested in fancy or new...I take more interest in those cars no one wants any more.  Those are the fun ones.  Those are the ones that you can do anything with.  Drop 'em, raise 'em, decorate them with vinyls...the list is endless.  Drive 'em til the wheels fall off, punch 'em once in a while to get the cobwebs out...those kinds of cars. Of course it depends on how well those vehicles "behave" and how much more it would take to get 'em road worthy again for me to keep interest.  It's also a great way to get a once-wanted vehicle that one couldn't afford brand new dirt cheap.

I gave $400 for the 1993 Plymouth Acclaim in 2008 with that stimulus check.  The car had over 120,000 miles on it when I got it.  It's 5,000 miles away from 200,000 miles.  It's the only car I have had that has been with me for 12 years.  Others have done well to last me 1 year.  I wanted to do more with the Acclaim but I simply couldn't find the parts.  I did well to find required parts to keep it on the road.  I'm hoping I can keep within that price give or take a little.

Hmm...I wonder.  Does the style of a person's vehicle say something about that person's personality?  Have you ever stared at a worn out car but mentally started seeing things that could be done with it?  Mom and I both did that often.  I worked at a salvage yard once and seen a lot of still-running vehicles come in no one wanted any more I wish I could have bought.

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That was me and the Subaru that needed saving.  Well, I did it!  The car is 100% back now, and I've sold it.  I learned plenty.  But I'm happy to have the space and my time back.  It was a 2003 with 197,000 miles, and I'm sure now it can make it to 300,000.   

My car looks like a smiling frog  Nissan Leaf.  See?


You're right on the car with no instrument panel.  I doubt they can legally sell it with no record of the mileage.  Maybe it has a salvage title or something.  Make sure you know how much the panel will cost you, then subtract that from whatever they are asking at a minimum. 

There's a lot of really good YouTube channels about what to look for when you buy a used car.  ChrisFix, The Car Wizard are two of my favorites.  Take an OBD scanner if you have one.  Look underneath for wet areas (leaks).  It's really a gamble.  But it is a lot of fun to fix them if you have the inclination.



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That's awesome about the Suburu.  And...your car is a red Frogger lol

I'm not afraid to kick a tire, ask for a test drive, look under the hood, check the oil.  I use every angle I can.  

"How much?"


"Hmm.  I can't go that high.  I need enough left to pay for insurance, tags, and inspection.  Plus the transfer of ownership fee.  And I'm sure no one has changed the plugs, plug wires, oil, oil filter, and I don't know how good these tires are.  I can do $500". Then go from there.

I found a replacement cluster on eBay for $25.

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