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Champ Games Robotron: 2084 Demo for Atari 2600


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Umm...how...is...this...possible?!?  It shouldn't be doing that.  The 2600?  The system that gave us a crummy Pac-Man, a blocky Centipede, is pulling this off?  How?  OK.  We need to borrow Doc Brown's DeLorean and travel back in time to about 1980 and let Champ Games show the Atari programmers how it's done.  Period.  No ands, ifs, or buts.  Very impressive!

The things homebrewers are doing these days with these Atari machines is impressive.  I'd love to get my hands on the revised 5200 Pac-Man. That one looks and sounds a lot better than the one the 5200 officially received.  But to see Robotron on the 2600...that couldn't have been an easy task.  I wonder if someone were to tackle it if those games like Moon Patrol and Centipede we did get could be redone to look/sound more like the arcades? 


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