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Anyone in Cleveland want to help?


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Hi everyone! I am here to ask for some help. I have 2 Atari 2600 systems and zero working power cords for them so I was wondering if A) someone has a spare power cord for either an actual Atari 2600 or a Sears Atari Video Arcade II I could buy or borrow and B) If you don't have one I can buy or borrow, would you mind helping me test with your system and/or power cord. I am trying to test out both the consoles and about 100 games so I can verify they work before selling them. I would be willing to let you dig through my collection and have first dibs on anything in it, including the consoles themselves in exchange for like 30 minutes of time to help me test the games/consoles. I am just outside of Cleveland in Parma and would be willing to come to your place or you can come to mine, doesn't matter to me. I would really appreciate the help because the last thing I want to do is sell a broken game or lose money selling games as is. 


Just to give you an idea of what I have in my collection, here is the link to it. Just sort by Atari to see.



Thanks in advance!


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