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Atari games for trade or sale


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I have some kind of unique 2600 games for trade (or sale).  I'm offering them here before I go to ebay in a few days.  Everything is tested and works.

  • Pitfall 2 (some label wear)
  • Word Zapper with a manual
  • Omega Race with the Booster Grip controller attachment (some label wear)
  • Star Raiders with the numeric pad (very bad label, no overlay)

PM me if you have any interest. 

atari games for sale 008.JPG

atari games for sale 010.JPG

atari games for sale 006.JPG

word zapper 005.JPG

word zapper 007.JPG

word zapper 001.JPG




atari games for sale 012.JPG

atari games for sale 011.JPG

atari games for sale 001.JPG

atari games for sale 016.JPG

atari games for sale 019.JPG

atari games for sale 015.JPG

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32 minutes ago, CrossBow said:

Ohh....Omega Race with Booster?! I'm interested...I naturally have the game but not the booster.


Cool.  Private message me.  Let me know what you have to trade, or if you just want to buy.  I wanted to keep these two together, but I'm sure we can work something out.  Thanks.

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