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Cartridge Reprint Labels and Alternate Designs

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I am working on providing some Labels for the Cartridges released by Video 61 for anyone who has a printer and wished to reprint the labels for them. These are alternative designs and not the actual ones currently in use. The games sold by Atari Sales are only sold with the Silver Solid Background with the colored rainbow strip above the image. If there is a decision to be made to change our cartridge label style, it will be for future game titles only. I could post all the images here, or put them all into a zip file when ready. The Styles I am have are Blue XEGS style. Colored Activision Style. Full Image Style, Silver Striped XL Style. Yellow Tengen Style, and Silver 5200 Style.

Does anyone here really like a style that they really like?

2x2 Blue Label Samples.jpg

2x2 Colored Label Samples.jpg

2x2 Full Label Samples.jpg

2x2 Silver Stripe Label Samples.jpg

2x2 Yellow Label Samples.jpg

2x2 Silver Label Samples.jpg

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