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Super Nestro - A classic console with modern tech


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Heh Heh While I obviously would never condone gutting a working classic console for such projects, modern hardware like the Pi / Pi 2 is a cool thing for retro gaming fans. I mean, if you are going to use such hardware for retro emulation fun then it is kind of cool to have it enclosed inside a retro enclosure. They are cheap to buy and you can add so many accessories, know I don't have the know how but I seen them put into cases for C64 and even Intellivision giving you something that not only looks like your favorite original retro computer or console and allows you to play all your favorite titles but in addition you can hold entire libraries of games, demos, shareware, Public Domain, Homebrew with modern Audio / Video output options all within the original casing? Again, emulation is not for everyone, I have a nice collection of original hardware but if someone enjoys the convenience, the look and functionality and more importantly it is an option for them to relive the classics, well I say more power to them, options are a good thing. This is an awesome option that frankly works better than the majority of current hardware clones anyway, is a great conversation piece and you can preserve all your original equipment, pretty much win win.


I am all about original hardware, been playing since before the Atari 2600 but I also LOVE the fact that we live in a day an age where we have so many wonderful and cheap hardware options to interface with our classic hardware because the fact is original hardware IS dying off, getting more rare, hard to find, hard to maintain etc. It sucks but that is the reality so for me original hardware is awesome and preferable but it does my heart good to see interest in preserving a way to continue experiencing the classics using modern hardware on modern displays, we can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

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