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No...this is not a spam message.  Borderlands The Handsome Collection is available for FREE until June 4th.


What is Borderlands?

Borderlands is a 1st person shooter with RPG elements mixed in.  If you like Doom you will like Borderlands.  And Borderlands - The Handsome Collection comes with Borderlands 2 and Borderlands - The Pre-quel PLUS all bonus content for both games including additional challenges and player characters.  A $60 game collection for free.

What's Required?

As far as computers go you will need a PC setup for gaming.  If you can play Fortnite without issues then you should be able to play Borderlands.  Game controller recommended but not required.  To get the game for free you will need an Epic Games' account and you will need to download the front end app to your computer.  It's free.

Why Borderlands?

Borderlands is one of those games that forever changed FPS style games.  It remains loved by fans around the world who still play it daily.  Unforgettable characters, awesome loot, enjoyable stories are what keeps this game alive and you can play solo or online with friends!  

Where Can I Get It?

You can grab it here: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/bundles/borderlands-the-handsome-collection

I've been talking about this game on here for a while now.  Now...there's no excuse!  This is my favorite modern game.  XBOX introduced me to it when they gave away Borderlands on the 360, I picked up the Borderlands boxed set for the 360 later.  When we got an XBOX One I grabbed Borderlands GOTY Edition and the Handsome Collection for that machine.  Our brother grabbed for us Borderlands 3.  Steam had a sale on Borderlands 2 from their service so I nabbed it also for PC.  And now I grabbed this one because of all the additional content.  So, yea, I love this game this much and for it to be free for my friends to at least try out I couldn't keep it to myself.  I had to share this.  

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Also, if those getting this don't know how to play, or need help with it, I am more than willing to play multiplayer with them to help them out.  Hehe...don't worry...I won't be greedy.  All loot in the game found will get first picks by those I'm playing with.  This is one game that is more fun with more people playing.  It's fun solo but a lot MORE fun with other gamers.

For those new to the Borderlands 2 game, when you start out, I recommend Aston and his "lady friend" or Salvador because, as he says, "he's awesome."  Gaige is not bad but at her best when she's leveled up a bit...it just takes a while to get there.  I had issues with Myra but only because she was not my type of character.  Then there's Krieg which I have not tried yet.  Let's see...the commando, gunzerker, siren, two add ons the mechanic and a bandit...I'm missing one.  Oh...and Zero...a weird character I have not tried either.  I forget what he is though.

If you play long enough you will reach Sanctuary where a Gold loot chest is located.  It requires gold keys to open.  "Ah HA!", you say," There's the catch.  I have to buy those keys."  Not true.  Since it's release, Borderlands 2 developer team at Gearbox has supported the game by supplying it with what is called SHiFT keys.  SHiFT is Gearbox's own, shall we say, service that combines everything you do on all Borderlands games in one place.  To get those Gold Keys you will need a SHiFT account usually created automatically when you play the game.  Usually.  You will need a SHiFT account anyway to locate and play with friends.  Then all you have to do is watch Gearbox's Facebook and/or Twitter feeds for new keys to enter.  Enter the code and you should get between 5 to 10 gold keys to use.  Personally, I use a site called Mental Mars. 

I really hope some here will take the opportunity to give this game a try while it's free.  It's really fun and does have its comical side.  Whether you like the game or not the game collection is yours to keep if you claim it before June 4th.  So, in the words of Adam the Woo...Join me, shall you?

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I grabbed it, but I'm not sure when I'll have time to try it. 

When playing multiplayer, can it be limited to just people we know?  I've never played this game, but I know multiplayer FPS can be vicious places for casual or new gamers.  That's one giant reason I tend to stick with "retro" gaming.  It's no fun to be mocked and laughed at by jerks hiding behind the internet, knowing full well they'd get punched right in the face if they dared saying such things in the presence of others. 



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48 minutes ago, RickR said:

When playing multiplayer, can it be limited to just people we know?  I've never played this game, but I know multiplayer FPS can be vicious places for casual or new gamers.

Yes you can. At the menu screen select Network Options.  Under that you can choose a LAN connection, Online Public, Invite Only, or Friends Only.  I'd suggest Invite Only.  And it's suppose to be cross-platform so you can play with friends who play on an XBOX or PlayStation...and maybe even Switch now, too.  But, yes, the online abilities for this game have put safety of its players first and foremost.  You can also play offline.

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For those of you that want to try it out.  Once you have a SHiFT account setup and running, at the menu screen use Find Friends to find me.  I'm kamakazi20012 there as well. 

I believe in fair play.  I'd rather someone enjoy the games with me than to be all greedy to where the other person is not having fun.  I've also played and beat this game numerous times before on the 360 and XBOX One.  I have no desire to horde all of the loot.  This is, however, my top-most played modern game to date with well over 5,000 hours invested in it combined.  Borderlands 2 is my favorite in the series.  They are all good but BL2 is my favorite.

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