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Playing my DS after not doing so in a while!


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When I got my DS in 2016 I quickly became addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Any free time I had I would play it. In early 2018 I became burnt out and no longer had that desire to play, it felt like it became a chore. The other day I got an urge to play again, so I charged up my DS and inserted the game. After not playing in so long I totally forgot what the game was like, despite playing it before all the time!  

Other DS games I really liked were Tomodachi Life, Nintendogs, Mario Kart, and Pokemon Sun. I know now not to get so into a game that it eventually feels like a chore and is no longer fun. I did the same thing with Sims 3.

I want start playing games on my DS again. I still have that "burnt out" feeling for ACNL but the others I enjoyed I look forward to getting back into.

Anyone else ever played something so often it almost became a "chore" to play any longer, or was no longer fun? If so, what game was it? 

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My father had a Nintendo DS, but he never had interest in it, and I think it was lost. He was never interested in the more advanced games, but loved Artillery Duel for the A2600 and Choplifter for the A7800. Sometimes, when I play certain CRPGs (computer role-playing games), I get bored because I get stuck. Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord for the Sega Master System was one of those games. It became a chore because I could never figure out how to summon Terarin, the Dark Lord, so I could defeat her. It was my cousin's game I played, and he was stumped as well. We eventually gave up on it. However, if I tried it today, I could probably defeat it. I have beaten many RPGs: Legend of Zelda, Phantasy Star (the first two games), Final Fantasy for the NES (the original RPG), Shadowgate for the NES, and those are among the ones that I remember. Thanks for letting me share.

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I haven't had that issue, but I tend to stay away from those games that seem tedious to me.

I just finished the first Phoenix Wright game on DS and enjoyed it a lot.  Although it did seem to go on a lot longer than I thought it would.  I've decided to take a break before starting the second game in the series.



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I had a DS Lite that I picked up in '06 or so. I got really into the Castlevania games and Etrian Odyssey series. 

In terms of "burnout", Elder Scrolls Oblivion comes to mind. I really like RPGs but I prefer them to be slightly more linear/guided and story driven. At first I was really excited by Oblivion but by the end, I was over it. When Skyrim came out, I picked it up anyway (hype machine) and couldn't spend more than a few hours on it. The memory of Oblivion just made it taxing. 

Hope you have fun getting reacquainted with the DS. A lot of great titles for sure!

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