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Help! (AKA, Anyone Want to Be Hired for a Project?)


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I would love a modded Arcade1UP Countercade. Nothing crazy, just adding a Raspberry Pi with an image containing oodles of vertical coin-op games, maybe a larger monitor & a better controller layout.

The issue is that I have ZERO skills. It looks simple enough but the terminology alone, never mind understanding how all the components I'd have to add work together, is so daunting. If I have to drill a hole, FORGET IT!

If anyone would like to do the work for me, for a fee, that would be AWESOME. I know there's a lot of very talented folks here & this should be a layup for you. I would provide all of the necessary parts & cover all shipping.

Let me know & I'll provide some example videos of what I'm envisioning.

Thanks for reading this far!

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I can help with the raspberry Pi when you get that far.  Before doing that, you're going to want to examine how the screen and controller connect to the Arcade1UP board.  If those are easily transferrable, the process will be a lot easier. 

Warning:  I've tried making a beast like this before.  It takes a lot of time to get the Rasp Pi set up just right.  I always end up back on my PC emulation.  I'm really tempted to get one of those machines from BestBuy, as it's a great deal.  But I know it's a project that will take up a lot of time. 


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I watched the video, and it's pretty short on details.  It all looks do-able, but I'm going to guess it's going to be $250 to build this. 

My advice is very simple -- buy a Pi and get the image he refers to.  Load it up and try it out using a TV and a gamepad of your choice.  If you can get it working there, you can play around a bit and determine if you like it and want to invest in getting the little arcade machine upgraded and working.


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