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Watch Dogs: A Review

Walker White

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Having just finished the storyline of the game (the credits are stilling rolling on the screen), I can safely say that this is a good game. Is it worth playing? Absolutely! The city of Chicago is probably the most vibrant, and populated areas in a game that I've played in a long time. From reading into each NPCs personal history, to just wandering around listening to the various interactions from many of the people in the city, each aspect felt full of life and was very very fun.


The graphics are especially gorgeous for a open world game (on the PS4 anyway), especially the rain effects. Driving across the water soaked streets listening to the radio and getting into all sorts of mischief was a delight, something Ubisoft has spent years getting right.


Well...all that said. There were somethings that I had a problem with. I could not help but compare this game to the massive massive game that was GTA5. I just couldn't. For example, in GTA5, you could purchase any car and have it delievered for your use. If it was on a mission, or if you were just messing around, you had that option of choosing YOUR own car, and hearing YOUR own music during the missions. In Watchdogs, any mission you were on, you couldn't turn on the radio nor use your own personal vehicle. The point being is that this game did not feel customizable enough. I spend hours getting a special car, which more or else was the same as another model you could steal, only you couldn't even use it on the mission. The songs you had to earn by hacking into people's data, but I couldn't hear it in the most thrilling parts of the story. Due to the Assassin's Creed games, especially Black Flag, I assumed that there would be more customizations in your clothes, cars, weapons, etc. Sadly this wasn't the case.


The storyline was pretty good, but I felt the characters, especially the voice acting of the protagonist Aiden Pierce was a little too cookie cutter, especially compared to GTA5. It may not have helped that I had played the Last of Us before this though haha. The side characters were more colorful, but were mostly underused.


Anyway, I've written waaay too much lol. All in all, I give it a solid 7.5/10

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