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Star Trek TNG "VHS List" - Mike & Rich's Top 5 Star Trek TNG Episodes!


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What would your Top 5 and Bottom 5 be?


"VHS List" Must Watch Episodes:

  • Yesterday's Enterprise (should've been the Generations movie)
  • The Inner Light
  • Best of Both Worlds (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Chain of Command
  • All Good Things
  • Honorary Mention: Darmok


"Skip List" Bottom 5 Episodes:

  • Cost of Living
  • Angel One
  • Sub Rosa
  • Code of Honor
  • (Any "Risa" episode)
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There's a lot of "Skip List" in the TNG library for me.  The entirety of season 1 IMO.  Luckily, the show got much better in season 2 and on!

I've got no complaints with your lists.  I really like the episode "Darmok" and would promote that one to full "Must Watch" status.  "Chain of Command" was a 2 part-er, wasn't it?  So take those two off, add Darmok and "Parallels".  I guess it's hard to pare it down to only 5! 

There's a lot that TNG did really well.  But there are some aspects of the show that I disliked.  The Romulans, for example.  Why do they have the forehead piece? Shouldn't they look like Vulcans?  What's a Vulcan without an eyebrow raise?  And those giant shoulder pads and unflattering hair-do's -- WTFeklar!  Remember the Romulan Commander from TOS "The Enterprise Incident"?  That's the look they should have gone with.  "Star Trek: Picard" fixed the Romulans for the better IMO. 


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2 hours ago, TrekMD said:

I just thought of an episode that deserves to be up there:  The Measure of a Man. 

Yes I agree! I really wanted to include that in my Top 5. I wish it could've been a Top 20!

Another excellent episode is Tapestry, where Q puts Picard in a situation to make different decisions as a young man, only to find they result in Picard leading a boring, bland life.

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1 hour ago, RickR said:

I watched Tapestry with my wife and son last night!  You're right, it's a really good episode.

We've been watching a few episodes of TNG each week (at their request!) and they've left it to me to pick out "the good ones". 


Let us know the findings of your "research" 🙂

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We just watched “The Wounded”  from Season 4 tonight. This was the episode that introduced the Cardassians and laid the groundwork for DS9. It placed Miles O’Brien front and center pursued a rogue Federation ship with a rogue captain that O’Brien had once served under. What a good episode.

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My wife and I recently finished the series. I didn't keep a list of favorite episodes, but generally speaking I enjoyed anything with the Borg or Q. I also thought the the finale was extremely well done, as was The Inner Light. 

My wife might include the episode where Yar dies, simply because she was happy to see her go.  😄 (Funny story: I once bought a Star Trek comic book at a yards sale, and a autographed picture from the actress who plays here was inside 😲)

As for the worse, some of the early episodes were rough, but so were some of the last. I guess they were running out of ideas. One that stuck out was Journey's End, which brought Wesley back and ended up being my least favorite episode with him (and honestly, I didn't mind him as much as some do)

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1 minute ago, Justin said:

I agree with that thinking. That will forever be in my head canon. 

The thing I like about "Family" is that I think the writers finally figured out that they could take their time and explore characters and their lives more deeply.  It made the characters more real and relatable.  It's a quiet episode that packs an emotional punch.  It's the beginning of a very strong change in the character of Picard.

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"Family" really does feel like the third part of "The Best of Both Worlds."  I think most fans see it that way and it also changed the character of Picard for the better.  I own the special edition of "The Best of Both Worlds" that was edited as a movie.  I got to watch it on the big screen as they made a special presentation through Fathom Events to showcase the updated special effects and HD clean up they had done.  It was awesome to watch on a movie theater screen! 

🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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