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Squad Challenge - 2020 Pole Position II Grand Prix (Atari 7800)


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23 minutes ago, Sabertooth said:

I gotta say this was one fun HSC. It was great to see everyone improve over time. Well done! 

Also, congrats @Justin on an epic high score! 

Thanks @Sabertooth glad you enjoyed it! Says a lot that the little Atari 7800 came with a pack-in title that is more fun than it often gets credit for. We'll be back again for next year's Grand Prix! :pole_position:

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:pole_position_blimp_big: Congratulations Racers!


Congratulations to everyone who joined in the big race!! We had our BIGGEST TURNOUT EVER for this Grand Prix! Absolutely incredible! Seaside was the perfect track to race, difficult enough to provide tremendous challenge to us adult players but still fun to play. One of the points of criticism I see the Atari 7800 receive fairly often is that it came with Pole Position II as its pack-in. I thought this was a really fun game. I hope you did too!

I came in 1st Place to take the top spot on the podium, crossing the finish line with a high score of 73,500. I feel like the game has a few hundred more points to give, but who knows. Apparently my score would be a new World Record for Seaside on Twin Galaxies and HighScore.com, so I'm going to do what I need to do to submit my score to them. @nosweargamer is back in action and takes 2nd Place on the big podium with a final score of 68,500, and it was a photo finish with @RickR just 100 Points behind NSG with 68,400. @MaliciousCarp @Atari 5200 Guy and @Sabertooth join a very tight pack of racers with very close scores and incredible performances. @RadioPoultry @socrates63 @Kid A @LinkYoungPS @Atari Creep @TrekMD @DarylJ @Gianna and @GoldenGalaxiesGaming followed behind, all of whom posted real scores that took effort and skill to achieve. BRAVO everyone!!! As I always encourage others to do, I'll be posting my new high score on the Scoreboard to make sure this Challenge continues on! Did you enjoy this Squad Challenge? If so, keep practicing your racing skills throughout the year and we'll see you back here on the track again next summer for the 2021 Pole Position II Grand Prix!

Also, to keep a running list of who's entered into BTB's Atari 7800 Paddle Controllers Giveaway Contest, so far the following Members have asked to be entered and are permanently enrolled through the rest of the contest: @RickR @Sabertooth @nosweargamer @TrekMD @socrates63. If you don't see your name listed and would like to enter to win the pair of 7800 Paddle Controllers, be sure to say "Hey BTB, enter me to win!" when posting your next high score!

NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge will be an Atari 2600 game! Be there!









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That was fun!  I had never given Pole Position 2 a fair shake before, but it is a definite gem on the 7800.  

I kind of hit a wall (or maybe it was a sign) with my score there towards the end, but I sure had fun trying.

thanks for organizing and running these contests, @Justin! (And congrats on first)

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THAT was the most fun I've had with Pole Position II on the 7800 ... EVER!  I have to wait until 2012 to do it again?!?  Aww, man.  Contrary to some beliefs I honestly think PP II was a great pack-in game for the 7800.  It's a nice rounded easy to pick up and play kind of game. Anyone at any age could enjoy it.  I still don't understand something, though.  Why make individual boxed copies of the game that no one is going to need?  Doesn't make sense to me.  PP II included with the 7800: Yes.  PP II available separately from the machine:  No.  Makes no sense.  

Oh..sorry...got side tracked.  This was an awesome experience and I've had fun playing this game with all of you.  Note I said play WITH you all...not against you. 😉 

Awesome run @Justin.  I'm very much glad I got to see you break that old record during this Squad Challenge.  

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1 hour ago, RickR said:

Congrats @Justin on posting your world record score to the various high score sites!   I voted "yea" on highscore.com.  The video was a lot of fun to watch.  Well done!


THANK YOU @RickR‼️ I really appreciate your support. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. IGTV is a little different now, so I'm going to try to do more subtly-edited "recorded live" videos featuring gameplay and events, along with what I would normally do. That will allow me to share them to YouTube and post in the forums as well.

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