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Atari 5200 Controller Repair Videos


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I have been looking over these repair videos. I figured a good place to post them is here.

Atari 5200 Controller Refurbishing


Atari 5200 Joystick Gold Plated Contact Upgrade!


Atari 5200 Controller Repair Part 1 - Fixing Two Common Problems


Atari 5200 Controller Repair Part 2 - Replacing the Flex Circuit



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2 hours ago, - Ω - said:

I have a rebuilt 5200 joystick, but I really never liked the 5200 non-centering stick myself.  I use mine with a Y-Cable adapter so I can use START, PAUSE and RESET and the numbers if necessary, but I use seperate joystick for game play.

I'm on the opposite side of this. I pretty much use the standard controllers more often than not. But that is because the games I like to play most on the 5200 actually play better with the standard controllers. That being Fractalus and The Last Starfighter. 

But, I also own one of the older AtariAge Redemption adapters that allows me to use a 7800 or sega controller with the console in combo with a CX-52 controller. I actually have a Wico command pad that I connect to it instead when I use that setup. But it doesn't get used that often.

BTW...Moderclassics video really doesn't show the proper way to take apart the 5200 controller. It is imperative to remove that top bezel for the Start, Pause, and Reset before separating the two halves. While it won't always happen you do run a large risk of the traces in the flex in that part getting broken or pulled loose from the Mylar due the friction of trying to pull it out from the 90 degree angle it has to come through. Also I believe he is using copper foil tape which, will work just as well but usually costs more than the cheaper HVAC foil tape I use. The foil tape I use is also aluminum based and isn't as likely to cause issues with mixed metals like the copper might over time.


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Anyone ever replace the Potentiometers inside the 5200 controllers? I found an YouTube video where Arcade USA replaced the Potentiometer inside a 2600 Paddle controller and it took away the "jitters." Had a solid metal shaft. Cut with Dremel tool. Maybe the solid metal shaft kept position in place better or blocked out some external EM interference. 5200 controllers must use 0-500 Ohms Potentiometers. I remember seeing a video that someone replaced it with a more robust potentiometer. 

With seeing all this renewed interest with the Atari 5200, I feel it is important that we have information about repairing or replacing controllers. 

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They can be cleaned out just like 2600 paddle potentiometers.  Willie at ArcadeUSA is the only person I know that has replaced them, so I'd trust what he did in that video if it indeed needs to be replaced (meaning it still doesn't work properly after a good cleaning). 


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