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Activision Dragster - Getting a patch


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6 minutes ago, HDN said:

Don't own the game, and don't plan to own it anytime soon. I have, however, emulated it. I can't help you any; the only thing I ever can do in this game is blow the engine.

Well I can help you! 

Pushing left on the joystick engages the clutch, and when you let the joystick go, it shifts up a gear.

So you go like this:

  • Hold the joystick to the left until you get a green light.  Then let it go and push the button for gas. (you'll be in 1st gear).
  • When the tachometer gets into the red, let off the gas, push left, let go, and push the gas.
  • Repeat until you get to 4th gear.  Then you just hold the button until the race is over. 
  • You'll only be in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear for a few seconds at most.  It's a timing/twitch thing. 

The key to not blowing the engine is to let off the gas while you shift.  And don't let the tachometer get too far into the red.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll start to learn the limits.  The longer you hold each gear into the red, the faster you'll go...but if it goes too far....BLOWN! 



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I love it when this guy posts. Always fun to watchI forgot to mention this, but I have gone and tried this game out. It really is wuite fun when you know what the heck you're even doing! He's right about the mobile game loop thing, but I usually don't care much for mobile games. Dragster is pretty good though.

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