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Hi from Florida


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Hello atari.io,

Checking in from Central Florida. I've been playing Atari 2600 games for about 7 years. I built up a decent collection of 2600, 7800, and 8-bit hardware and games, but sold most of it when I stared a family. I still have a light sixer with a Harmony cartridge, though. Most of the time I play using Stella or Ataru800 through OpenEmu on my Mac. My favorite games are Kaboom for the 2600 and River Raid for the 800.

One of these years I may finally get around to writing a 2600 game.

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3 hours ago, socrates63 said:

Welcome! I'm in the opposite corner of the country in the suburb of Seattle.

Atari 8-bit emu for the Mac? Maybe I should take a look into this. Might be faster than me trying to set up my 800XL.

OpenEMU http://openemu.org/ is a front-end for Mac for several emulators, it uses Atari800 as a core but only for 5200.

A good way to use Atari800 on mac for the actual computers is this http://www.atarimac.com/atari800macx.php

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1 minute ago, RickR said:

Welcome!  I gave up golf when I started a family.  It's now 25+ years later, and I still haven't golfed.  So you're way ahead of me in keeping that light sixer.


Hi RickR! I think I actually sold a few things to you!

My other big hobby, photography, works with a family. These days it's much more on my phone than with "real" cameras. I was able to actually get back into film and do my own developing and printing, for a little while, at least.

I did amateur radio for a while, and little bit of electronics tinkering. The latter helps me keep my light sixer going.

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You did?  Well that's cool.  You'll have to remind me what I bought.  

I tinker a lot too.  In my experience, "broken" systems somehow fall into my lap, and I've had a pretty good success rate (and a lot of fun) getting them back into working condition.  I've given a ton of systems away, or sold them for cheap to what I hope are good homes (people that will keep them to play and enjoy).  

You are wise to take a lot of pictures.  I can assure you, time with family is precious and it goes by way too fast.  My children are grown now, and I'm so thankful to have the pictures and videos we took when they were little.  Back then, it was all film cameras and 8mm tape for video.  Take as much as you can!


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I'm flashbackmatt on AtariAge. I think I sold you Pac-Mac Collection for the 7800, and a couple of other things.

My electronics repair success rate is not great. I tried to resurrect a XEGS, failed, and gave that away. The light sixer just needed some solder reflowed, and I need to fix the difficulty switches next.

My biggest success was putting this together without burning or shorting anything http://www.morserino.info/ I got rid of most of my ham radio gear, but kept that in case I ever get around to learning Morse Code.

It does go by way too fast. I take lot of photos, and my wife takes more videos. Now the kids want to take photos with the phones, and occasionally with the TLR or my mirrorless cameras.

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