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The RCA Studio II


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This is supposed to be a terrible console, but it's always somehow fascinated me. Not that I'd go out of my way to get one, of course.


Just look at its strange little keypads! How are you supposed to play a game like this, much less with another person?

This thing was based off of the FRED computer prototypes, I think. It was too little too late. Maybe it would've been cool had it released in 1975, but in 1976? That was the same year as the VCS and a whole year after the Channel F! Only a few games were made for the thing, most of which you could get better versions of on other consoles of the time. It was also Black and White only! Imagine growing up with this thing...

There were even plans for a Studio III (which I believe was released overseas) and Studio IV! The console seems terrible, but it's something I'd like to try out someday. Anyone own this thing? What are your thoughts on the system?

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