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Video Graffiti self-portrait!


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For some reason, in a tenth-grade English class, we had to make self portraits as a sort of an ice-breaker type activity. I decided to make mine in Video Graffiti on the Surround cartridge (mode #13). Since I don't own the cartridge, I decided to use my trusty Wii and emulate the game! I also decided to stretch my TV out to 16:9, the greatest sin in all of Retro Gaming. The reason I did this was the pixels seem to be slightly rectangular; the width is shorter than the length. I have decided to post the picture here as no one in that class (not even the teacher, N64/PS1 generation there) can truly appreciate the work I did here. I don't want to brag or anything, but I think I did a pretty good job for my first try. This took me about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete altogether, as I used graph paper to graph it out first.


If anyone wants to try this out or do some other kind of drawing, just remember: the resolution from what I can tell is 39 pixels wide and 20 pixels tall. Hold the button down on game 13 to erase (game 14 is like an etch-a-sketch). Be sure to spray your Video Graffiti here-- just don't get caught by the cops!

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