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New 35th Anniversary Super Mario Bros Nintendo Game and Watch!


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You know, I was actually just going to make a topic tion 3D All-Stars. I wish they put in the effort to remake the games like they did in the OG All-Stars, but whatever. I do wish they brought over Mario 64 DS's multiple features though. HUGE missed opportunity there (My favorite Mario game actually, second favorite game overall behind Super Metroid). I also don't like the limited release thing. Scalpers are a big concern.

As for the Game and Watch, meh. I'm a huge fan of G&W and retro handhelds, but this seems like a cash grab Famiclone. I wish they rereleased the original Super Mario Bros. Game and Watch instead.

Overall OK, but nowhere near as hyped as I was for Mario Maker on his 30th.

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This thing is going to be BIG.  I think it's a mistake to make it in limited quantities, but what do I know?  I'd love to have one, but I'll bet it's not going to be easy to find one at retail.  

I've heard others mention that this should be hackable, and it may end up being a portable NES-mini if it is.  


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All of Nintendo's announcements are limited.  Mario 35 will only be playable for 6 months, the 3d collection with 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy will only be for sale physical and digital for six months, and the game and watch is limited numbers.  I'm really getting tired of created scarcity in order to make a quick buck the only people making a killing are the scalpers and it hurts the core group of fans.

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33 minutes ago, SuperTrooper said:

I'm really getting tired of created scarcity in order to make a quick buck the only people making a killing are the scalpers and it hurts the core group of fans.

I think what we're seeing is a real shift where companies like Nintendo are recognizing that the video game market isn't just a home entertainment market but a collectables market, and more and more they're building on their legacy brands to develop new products that are intended to be collectables more than games. You'd think that would be brilliant and exciting, until they make them so limited that nobody can get their hands on them, and if they do they're wildly expensive in the aftermarket. They're doing this on purpose to create buzz and demand for their stuff, it adds to the "golden patina" on the Mario name, Nintendo, etc.

I think these look really cool. For $50 I'd get one and play it. You know they'll end up on eBay though for big bucks :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin: :nintendo_mario_coin:

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