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Harry's Adventures in 7800 Collecting

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This is amazing! This morning I was sent a tracking link by a certain cjherr from over at AtariAge. He had offered to send me some Atari 7800 cartridges that he no longer uses free of charge! I am so excited for them to arrive! I am incredibly thankful for his generosity. This is such a kind thing he's doing. I won't spoil what's in the box as I plan to make a lot unboxing video and post it here in this thread. Feel free to speculate however.

Thank You, cjherr!!!

Last night, I also got a message from @socrates63. My parents did say that him sending something from the retro junk box (and the 7800 games) was OK as long as I paid it forward. However, I did not expect a tracking number for a random eBay package. He told me not to open it until I got the junk box package from him.That's going to be really hard! I need a place to hide it where I can't be tempted to open it! I plan to open those in a video on a later date.

Thank You, Young!!!

Neither of you had to do this. This is so kind of you both! I have no idea when I will be able to, but at some point in the future I need to make it up to you guys! And I also need to find a way to pay the kindness forward to somebody else!

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1 hour ago, chas10e said:

Tempting, perhaps. But since I'm not sending this to anyone else, if I opened it it would just be like normal! I'm just kidding, though. I won't open it before I get the other thing. I can't thank you enough for your generosity, Young.

I was really curious on what was sent. I did spend two hours of last night looking through recently sold eBay listings. I tried every keyword that I thought might be a package coming from Young, and nothing matched the city this package was from. In the end, my detective work just ended up being two hours wasted! I was up until around 2 AM. Part of the reason I've been really tired today.

If I hide the package, I won't be tempted. I'll be distracted by those 7800 games, like Comman--I mean, a surprise! Hopefully I will be able to play them soon. I feel I'm pretty close to getting my stuff back. If not, Xenoph-- I mean, OTHER surprise game will be nice to look at.

Plus, I think I know what I'm going to do with the duplicates, my first ever for a home console!

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7 hours ago, socrates63 said:

Oh boy... don't get so amped up, Harry. I'd hate to disappoint you. It's nothing amazing but just something you don't have. 🙂


@socrates63 nothing is disappointing! I mean, I’m the Atari Miniature Golf guy! This is unexpected and very nice of you! Thanks a lot!

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