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Harry's Adventures in 7800 Collecting

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1 minute ago, CrossBow said:

I know others will have more information, but I actually own #100 and as far as Curt told me, the last of the his original created HSCs from the early 2000s. However, mine like most of them, doesn't actually work properly I'm afraid. Specifically, the issue is that the early made carts have problems with not actually saving the data properly after powering off the console. They have batteries in them to maintain the data but yeah.... mine does load up and it will ask me to personalize it etc. And it will then work to play the game and even allow me to save my highscore if the game supports it. But once I power off the console to switch games, all of that is wiped. Replacing the battery did nothing and for a while, Curt was actually offering a service to change out the guts on your original HSC to that of his newer NVRAM version. But I never did send mine off to do this. I will be honest, in that given how Curt's projects tend to linger as they did, I was afraid that if I sent it off, I might not get it back. Sadly with Curt's passing, the only way to have HSC functionality now on those games and for the future, would be if someone picks up the mantle on the XM module as that included the HSC functionality within it. There is also the SaveKey device that AtariAge I think still sells and is also incorporated into the AtariVox+ module. But that is designed for saving scores and data for 2600 homebrews and not the 7800. 

As a result, my HSC is really nothing more than a display case relic and its only use is for saving scores for a single game for a competition (I used to use it on some games in my classic tourneys I hosted during my OVGE conventions in the past) or for use as passthru cart for 2600 games that didn't fit properly in the cartridge slot. But I've modified my cartridge slot since so yeah, my HSC sits in the display case.

Also, as mine was the last production made one that Curt did back in the early 2000s, he never actually applied a label to mine. So it is housed in a old combat cartridge shell with the combat label severely torn off from it. I also had to replace out the battery holder sometime back as the original broke and wasn't making a good connection. Sadly that didn't fix the issue of it not saving the game scores and data though.

During my research on these older sites, I noticed a warning. If one were to leave the HSC in the cartridge slot of the 7800 for a long time, even if the system was powered off, the battery would very quickly drain. Perhaps there were other side effects. I know you replaced the battery, but could this perhaps be what happened to you?

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Nope...because mine never worked properly from day one and never has saved any of the data. You are correct about the issue regarding the battery draining. Basically the battery just drains back into the console when the system is powered off. But mine has never worked properly and from others I spoke with that own them as well, it isn't that uncommon an issue that I have with the one I own. Again, it makes a good shelf piece or passthrough cartridge for games that won't seat properly in a 7800. 

I also never really made a stink about it because it was gifted to me in the first place from Curt as a thank you for helping to showcase the first Flashback units at my convention back in 2004 .


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On 1/6/2021 at 3:17 PM, HDN said:

I believe Curt Vendel was somehow involved with this new version.


Yes, Curt released them with the help of Gary Rubio.


On 1/6/2021 at 3:26 PM, socrates63 said:

As I looked into the HSC, I went to the Atari Museum site that had links to places that used to sell the HSC repro. One of them was http://www.atari7800.com/. Click on that and it redirects to the I/O -- neat! I wonder what other domain names Justin may have scooped up that redirects to the I/O.

I was one of the four original retailers for the 7800 High Score Cartridge. This was 21 years ago when this site had a webstore.


On 1/6/2021 at 5:39 PM, HDN said:

Turns out this was @Justin’s site all along, unless this is another Justin. I’m pretty sure that it’s him since the site nowadays redirects here, which I KNOW is his site. I’ll keep looking. This is an interesting rabbithole.

Correct, Atari7800.com has always been mine. We just celebrated our 20th Anniversary online. Atari7800.com became Atari.io in 2014. AtariJaguar.com redirects here as well.


On 1/6/2021 at 7:10 PM, HDN said:

And here’s an image I found on the site in late 2001 of a mysterious “Atari superhero”...


Wow you found some old Atari Joe comics stuff. That's ancient. 

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