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Parlez-vous Français?


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That's awesome! I would like to get a tape deck for my 800xl, but I hear a lot of older tape decks in general no longer work as the rubber bands inside have either broke or melted.

Back in Junior High & High School, I tool several years of French, mostly because I heard it a lot on TV, living near the Canadian border. I can't remember much, since I rarely used it much after High School, but I do remember some words and phrases like "The frog is green" & "I would like a Coke".

Honestly I wish I would've chosen to take Spanish instead, as it seems more useful to know as a second language in the US.

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I took Spanish in high school, and it has been useful.  But I must admit, I was just being lazy.  I grew up in a home that spoke Italian, so Spanish was a breeze.  

You're right about the tape drives for the 8-bits being flaky due to old worn belts.  Stay away from the old 410.  But if you find an XE version (I think the number is 1010?), you may have better luck.  Not as many belts in that one.  I have one that works perfectly.  





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