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Mail call -- Atari magazines


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Probably like most, I subscribed to Analog and Antic magazines back in the 80s. I bought a lot on ebay and they arrived today. Some of these issues, I recognize the cover from when I had them originally. I never knew about Atari Connection and picked up a copy (I see they're available as PDF on AtariMania). I also never had APX so looking forward to perusing those as well. I really shouldn't have bought physical magazines because I don't have much space, but... but... 😅

Eventually, what I hope to do when I set up my 800XL is to start BASIC programming again by entering code for games from these magazines (and Compute!) -- just like I did when I was a kid. That reminds me, I need to get one of those devices that lets you use SD card as a disk drive. Edit: I already have the SDrive Max duh, just haven't set it up yet.






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I sold off my magazines a long time ago due to (as you mention) space concerns.  It was a full collection of Electronic Games, and several years of Compute!  EG issue #1 brought in around $100 back then, which I was happy to get.  Do I miss them?  Nope.  No regrets at all. 

I think it's cool to buy a few issues to reminisce as you've done.  It really can take you back in time and make you feel young again!  To be honest, I did keep a few Compute! magazines.  I like to tell the tale about almost being published in Compute!  I wrote a Pac-Man esque game for the VIC-20 and got all the way to contract stage before they decided not to go forward. 

I'll be interested to know how you do in typing in the programs.  I have several SD card solutions.  Let me know if you need help figuring out how to save or anything like that.  You should be able to take a DOS ATR file and just save your basic programs to that image.  Just make sure to keep a clean copy of it first! 


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Thanks @RickR. I haven't look into the SDrive at all and I also have the Ultimate cartridge. I got them last year and just haven't gotten around to doing anything with the Atari 8-bit other than hooking up the 800XL to the TV once or twice last year to confirm it worked. Thanks for the tip. I'll come back to I/O for help when I get around to setting everything up.

I got a batch of 15 or so issues of Analog and a few books back in January for free, and decided to add a few more to the pile. It'll be fun to peruse physical copies and reminisce a bit.

That game submission sounds very cool. Share some screen shots if you can.

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