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What 2600 game (or Hat Trick) should I get with my $5 discount?


With my five dollar discount, which "free" game should be my last purchase before Christmas?  

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  1. 1. What game should I get of these?

    • Crystal Castles (error copy marked down to $5 instead of $10)
    • Video Chess
    • Hat Trick
    • Demons to Diamonds (I play a lot of multiplayer Atari)
    • Dragster
    • Grand Prix
    • Missile Command

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  • Poll closed on 09/25/2020 at 04:59 AM

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On 9/21/2020 at 12:07 AM, HDN said:

When I have the funds, I will eat those 7800 games right up! No one wants them apparently, but I do! I wonder why there are so many here but not everywhere else. Must be a Wisconsin thing; most forgotten state, forgotten and failed system. Most of those games are ten dollars. I am excited to get them someday. I'm 99% sure they aren't going anywhere! That store has gone through a lot of 7800s. I have seen at least three there: one CIB, one loose, and one in my house! I had a blast with that system before my mom took it away and I am super hyped for Xevious, Galaga, and Food Fight. And maybe Hat Trick, who knows?

I watched that video again today and saw those boxed Channel F games next to the boxed Odyssey 2 games. It got me in a Channel F mood. I would really like that system someday, and I think it is cool that a member here, @Willie!, grew up with the thing! I saw some cool games in my internet travels. If I ever get the system, I would totally get Robot Wars and Dodge It. They look so cool and fun and there is nothing like them on Atari! I think the second generation of video games is fascinating. I love hearing stories of people who grew up with the really obscure systems. My dad, for instance, had an Odyssey 2 in the house. Pretty cool! I really wish he kept it, but at least he kept all of his other consoles.

Yep, I love the ole F, did a fun podcast on it as well with my bud Scott from RetroGaming Roundup (one episode we talk with one of the members on the team with Jerry Lawson 🙂) .  I have a lot of history with the Channel F, more than just playing it :).

My Youtube Channel Arcade USA! - https://www.youtube.com/user/SVT512

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18 minutes ago, Willie! said:

Yep, I love the ole F, did a fun podcast on it as well with my bud Scott from RetroGaming Roundup (one episode we talk with one of the members on the team with Jerry Lawson 🙂) .  I have a lot of history with the Channel F, more than just playing it :).

Yes, I have heard about your Channel F podcast. Never listened to it though. It's cool that you got to speak with some of the team members. 

Channel F is on my list of consoles to get. Since I've got machines capable of playing almost any non-Virtual Boy Nintendo game, I need to be on the lookout for some more obscure systems. My dad got really nostalgic a few months ago before the pandemic started, and put himself on the list for an Odyssey 2. The store hasn't gotten one in for three or four years. Good thing we are the only people on the list for that and won't have to wait a decade!

Channel F is a system I would like to get someday. Not something I am going to go out of my way for, but if I found one for a decent price I might pick it up. Do you have any childhood favorites you'd recommend? If I ever get one (probably not anytime soon) I would like to know some cool games for it.

While I'm at the game store getting my free game (hopefully tomorrow) I will take a look at their Channel F offerings for you @Willie!.

Poll is closing soon, guys! If you haven't voted, please do so soon!

RIP Jerry Lawson :( 

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The polls are in! And it seems that we have a tie!

In third place, with a quarter of the total votes, we have Hat Trick on Atari 7800!

Tied for first are the error copy of Crystal Castles and Missile Command!


I am most likely going up to the video game store today. I made a deal with my dad that he'd drive me there if I did all of the chores by 5:00. That wouldn't be too difficult, but I have to mow both ours and the neighbors' lawns. Not hard, just time-consuming. I think I can get it done if I start immediately after school ends at 3:30. Mow the lawn first as that takes the longest and then do the rest of the work. I have my camera charged up with new batteries and ready to go to take pictures of some of the things you are all interested in. I will have to explain why I'm going around taking pictures of the unpopular games... I/O promotion!

Let's see, I have to take photographs of the 7800 and Channel F games. Might take a few others along the way, like their console wall. I will post them here in this thread when I get home.

So it seems that most people want either Crystal Castles and Missile Command. I might buy one or the other or neither. Really this poll was just an experiment and a fun little thing to do, not a real opinion changer. I will look through the 7800 game library as well and see if there are any other $5 games to get, and I will also look through the GBA library perhaps. And I will have to check what is on clearance. Oh, so many choices! I'm at a point where I don't own a lot of the commons for some of the systems I have, so $5 can get me a pretty decent game yet.

But I will share what I get here. I don't know how long it will be before I get my stuff back. My mom has not been to kind recently to any of us. She wants to sell my collection and buy me "better things" like musical instruments and crap. She really doesn't like that I'm the way I am and I'm not a musical or athletic guy like she wants me to be. There's no reasoning with her. So thanks for being reasonable people I can talk to. Life at home is very tough at the moment.

It seems like my mom's desperately trying to change my personality. It's a little late for that.

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