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Super Metroid Help and FAQs


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Hi, my name is Harry, and I am a self-proclaimed Super Metroid enthusiast. I am of the opinion that this is the single greatest video game of all time. I know that some of you( @socrates63 and @RickR) are considering playing this awesome video game sometime soon. Super Metroid, as an open Metroidvania style game, can be confusing at times, especially for those of you who are very used to the simplicity of games from the second and third generations. So, I am here to help. Tomorrow I am going to start re-playing Super Metroid on my SNES to get a fresh taste of the game to better aid new players.

If you have questions about the game or are stuck, please post about it here. Old Harry can help you out!

If anyone needs help enjoying the game, please post here. I don't expect any new posts until you all start playing the game. Anyone not named @RickR or @socrates63, feel free to play this AWESOME game, and if you need help, post it here! I will try to answer your Super Metroid questions as soon as possible if my daily posting limit allows.

I would like for this forum to be mostly questions from players on how to get past certain areas, but you can post about your opinions on the game if you so wish. Please keep conversation on the topic of Super Metroid! I love to talk about other things too, but I would like to keep this topic mostly focused on the game and I would like to try to help others at the game.

If you have never heard of Super Metroid or don't know much about it, I will gladly fill you in now!

Super Metroid is a platforming game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and was released in March 1994. It is the third installment of the science fiction Metroid series. I say sidescrolling platformer, but it isn't what you are thinking of. Unlike Mario, Super Metroid is not divided into strict levels with end goals. There are several areas in the game and the vast majority of them have a boss to fight at the end. Super Metroid involves lots of puzzle solving involving certain items you pick up along the way. You will run into impassable obstacles in the game and have to backtrack or take a detour, only to find an item that can help you pass the obstacle! The beauty of all of the 2D Metroid games are all of those little "Aha!" moments. In Super Metroid, you can save whenever you want at specific save rooms. There are also health and missile recharge rooms and rooms where you can fill out your map, but in later areas there are lots of blank spots you must fill in yourself. Areas on the map you have already traveled to are marked pink while untraveled places are left blue. Little dots on the map can indicate special items, though plenty are hidden! 

What are the controls for Super Metroid?

Super Metroid, as previously stated, is a platformer, so the controls to an extent are self explanatory. However, I will fill you in on the basic controls now without going into any special moves:

D*Pad-Move Samus


B-Run (Use the X-Ray Scope item once you get it)


Y-Cancel selected item 

Start-Pause (Bring up map and status)

Select-Select some non auto equipped items (missiles, power bombs, x ray scope, grappling beam, etc.)

L-Aim diagonal down

R-Aim diagonal up

Special items?

Yes. Super Metroid has loads of special items you need in order to complete the game. All serve a special purpose and the game will subtly teach you what they do once you get them and also tell you how to control them.

If you like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario, you will love Super Metroid. Some players feel a bit intimidated by this masterpiece, but there is no need to fear when you have a Harry here on the forums who would love to help you out!

I love this game. It is my favorite game. I could gush about how I love this game for hours and hours on end. But the best way to show my love of this 1994 Super Nintendo gem is to help others love it too! Please let me help you out if you are stuck and need a walkthrough or just have questions about this amazing title!

The HDN Power Line is 100% Toll-Free! Just type a question on Super Metroid and I will answer!

It is crazy how some of you have never played Super Metroid! Tunnel Runner is understandable as it is pretty obscure, but Super Metroid is a pioneer and groundbreaking game that somehow manages to be the defining game of its genre more than a quarter of a century later! That is CRAZY! This game has held up remarkably and I hope you will give it a go!

Have a nice night, nice tomorrow, nice everything! You will love this game if you give it a try! It has been rereleased on Virtual Console for Wii, Wii U, New 3DS, and it is even on the Switch Online service. Play this game and ask questions if you need guidance! You won't regret it, I promise!


Oh yeah, make sure to put @HDN at the beginning of your post so I will get a notification if someone needs help!

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It's weird having to play this game again "normally". Typically I will just use all of the advanced moves to exploit the game and play "out of order". One of the great things about Super Metroid is that the developers let you get away with exploiting the game and don't try to limit your exploration. That's why they put in those advanced overpowered moves. They even put in a few "traps" to force you to get good at the advanced moves or you get stuck infidelity. There's one of these if you Power Bomb the bottom of the initial green plant room in Brinstar that forces you to wall jump if you save in the pit.

Another thing, my save battery seems to be on the way out. All of my save data from the past has been deleted. When I started my new file yesterday, it saved OK, but I feel that one of these days it's not going to save at all. My local game store can replace save batteries for only a couple bucks, so I'm not that worried. They replaced the battery in Wario Land 3 when they got it traded in. I was on the list for that one. Superb platformer on the Game Boy Color, but drastically different from your typical Super Mario game. Ironically, it has some Metroidvania elements in it as well-- this genre must be a real battery hog!

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