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Got One!!


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I did! I received it on release day, which was a very pleasant surprise.

I'm upgrading from the One X, so I don't notice that much of a graphical upgrade yet. I haven't tried any optimized games for the Series X yet (Cold War, AC Valhalla, NBA 2K21) but I will soon.

What I have noticed is how incredibly fast it is, loading games, switching between games, etc. and how equally quiet it is. Modern Warfare made my One X scream like a jet engine. This thing is stealthy.

I probably wouldn't have tried to upgrade so quickly if I didn't have that Amazon gift card earmarked for this but I certainly don't regret it and am looking forward to what's coming in the future.

Once I test some of those games (even Forza Horizon 4), I'll give an update.

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On 11/16/2020 at 9:41 AM, Control Issues said:

Did you get it yet?  How is it?  Out of the two, I'd probably get the XBox, but I'm not really in the market for either right now.

Me either.  I sort of lost interest in modern gaming in general.  I think I'm done collecting modern hardware.  The only consoles I'm after are a PS3, Wii U, and Switch but I'm in no position to consider any new hardware for the time being.  I'm also satisfied with my PC I use for Steam games.

Congrats on getting yourself a new XBOX, StormSurge.

Edit: I need to be more specific on what I mean about modern gaming in general.  First the XBOX One is a nice system but most of the games that have come out for it have either not kept my interest or interested me at all.  I love Forza, enjoy Terraria, Borderlands, Mudrunners, and Farming simulators. I enjoy Farm Together, too.  

But what I mean by "modern gaming" is aimed at the new XBOX and PS5 consoles.  I have not seen content that interests me.  That's all I am trying to say.  There are modern games out there I like...just not enough to warrant the purchase of a new machine.  Switch has more titles that interest me than the new XBOX and PS5 consoles.

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