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Six Million Dollar Man


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I went nuts when Man From Atlantis first aired.

I think it was a TV movie/Pilot that came into a (very) short-lived series.


13 eps in all, was it?

This impresses me because my mind eye's recalls a full-blown state of fandom during that time.

Had the Marvel comics of it, drew gill-fingered figures jumping out of the water in mock comic book covers, told everyone about it, impressed nearly no one.


That's when I learned the harsh realities of living as a bilingual person in a francophone town.

But it became a plus as, having no one to contradict the wonderfulness felt from a show or movie, you can inhabit your own sense of it long enough that it becomes an impregnable concept.


Such as - I loved Logan's Run then and now and no one's critical reviews of it will ever tarnish that sense of comfort I get from it.

True of numerous media outputs of the era.


But inhabiting the Man From Atlantis hero-worship had its concussive repercussions.

I took to doing the dolphin-swim in every swimming pool.

Ended up conking my head a few times on the pliable but sturdy surface of many outdoor pools.

But when I hit my head on the local indoor tiled surface...I ceased to believe a boy can swim like the fishes.


yeah...and I will also not be seeking Sanctuary any time soon.


70s TV was truly the best time of my viewership.

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The Bionic Woman was a spinoff series of The Six Million Dollar Man. Our friends at the Retroist have a recent podcast all about it, which you can listen to here  :emoji-E420:






She had a bionic fingernail that she could cut tree branches or cans with.  I told my wife this, but she thought I made it up.  But according to the internet, I am correct!  For once. 

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