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Typically just do a status post for celebrity death but this one seemed worthy of a thread 🙁

Sean Connery dead at 90 RIP ! 😮

An epic career, 007, Highlander etc. A good old age for a man who will live on in his roles. 










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A sad loss.  He will be remembered for a long time thanks for the many roles he played over the years.  I don't think there's a role he did that was not memorable.  He was great as Marko Alexandrovich Ramius in The Hunt for Red October and he voiced the dragon Draco in Dragonheart.  He brought such dignity to the characters.  RIP Sir Connery. 

🖖 Going to the final frontier, gaming...

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He will always be The James Bond for me. As a kid, my first exposure to James Bond was the Moore movies during the 80s, and I love them. About twenty years ago, I bought the Bond DVD set and watched the Connery movies and was blown away. His ability to propel his career beyond the Bond films was quite the accomplishment. As already mentioned, his performance as the senior Dr. Jones in The Last Crusade was outstanding and memorable.

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