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Bagels.. do you love them?


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1 hour ago, RickR said:

I'm not a big fan of the "onion" kind).


38 minutes ago, DegasElite said:

Agreed on both. I like bagels with fruit-flavored cream cheese. Delicious! :O)


31 minutes ago, Gianna said:

Oh, no. I hate onions in every shape and form. I will pick them out of anything! 

You three are the worst people I have ever met! What is wrong with you? I’m just messing around, but seriously. Onions, onions, onions!

Everything bagels with onions and cream cheese are the best!

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1 minute ago, DegasElite said:

Actually, when toasted, onion bagels are pretty good with butter. I wouldn't mind the taste. It would have to be plain cream cheese for me with bagel that have onions with them. :O)

You'll have to arm-wrestle @HDN for one now.  He's wearing all 10 from the Costco pack like Superbowl rings.  

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My dad feels the same way about bagels, so I guess the way I am is his fault. He actually banned sweet bagels from the house.

He made up an invention and told me about it at a local bagel shop a few years ago. There was this dude in front of us who got like a blueberry bagel or something like that. I don't remember what it was specifically since he has added others to his imaginary "product line". I think this was the one with the spiked boxing glove at crotch level. Since then, there have been such classics as the trapdoor into the pit of piranhas, Thwomps a la Super Mario, and many more. 

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❤️ NYC bagels -- you haven't had a bagel until you've a fresh one from Brooklyn Bagel... soft, fluffy, chewy. Before the pandemic, I traveled to Manhattan for work every three months. I'd bring an extra bag to carry back two or three dozen bagels to freeze them at home. They get compressed during the flight and lose the fluffiness but NYC bagels are still better than bagels available locally.

I prefer plain bagels with plain cream cheese (green onion cream cheese spread is ok).

Having said all that, I am trying to stay low carb, so I don't eat them often.

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9 hours ago, Gianna said:

I feel like you can't go wrong with them. I'm eating a blueberry one now. 

Plain? Delicious

Blueberry? Delicious

Chocolate Chip? Delicious

Salted? Delicious

Cinnamon? Delicious

Sesame? Delicious

Asiago? Delicious

Everything? Meh...

I love bagels! I prefer plain delicious bagels with philly cream cheese! 🥯

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I like plain bagels toasted with butter.  But I never put cream cheese or anything on them.

I also like the asiago bagels.  But again, with nothing on them.  Don't even toast them.

Never been that big on the other ones.

I actually applied for a job at a bagel place out of high school.  Didn't get the job, though.

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