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More Important: The Game Show or Host?


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With the recent passing of Alex Trebek, I began wondering if I'd lose interest in Jeopardy?

I used to think it was the Game Show itself that was the most important part, but now I'm seconding guessing myself. I used to really dig The Price is Right, but after Bob Barker retired, I found my interest wane. I tried Drew Carrey, but for me, it lost something. I remember "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" being a big hit, but without Regis, it wasn't the same. Family Feud did well with Dawson, but had to go through multiple hosts until it found Harvey.

So what do you think? Which is more important: The Game Show or the Host?

And do you plan to watch Jeopardy without Trebek?

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The weird part is that they will run new Jeopardy episodes with Alex Trebek through December. 

To answer your question -- it's a combination.  Some shows, for example Bob Barker on Price is Right, seem so timeless.  You can watch them now on rerun and be just as charmed as you were in 1977.  Other shows we remember fondly, for example Gene Rayburn on Match Game, seem terribly dated and "what were we thinking?-esque". 

Jeopardy seems to have thousands of episodes -- couldn't they just run reruns for the next 10 years?  Who would know the difference?

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what comes of it.  Who they pick for the next host, what changes do they make to the set or format, etc. 

"Wheel of Fortune" had that situation earlier this year where Pat Sajak was in the hospital so Vanna White took over hosting.  I thought she did great and the show seemed the same.  My wife, though, thought Vanna didn't quite fit the role and didn't like it.


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 I was never a fan of Jeopardy.  I never could get into it.  But I don't see the show being the same without the only host it has ever known.  Alex MADE Jeopardy what it was.  I know attempts might be made to fill his shoes but no one ever will completely.  That would like Wheel of Fortune without Pat and Vanna.  

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I remember Jeopardy when I was a kid without Alex Trebek.  It was another guy.  I will have to go look it up.  It was just as good IMO.  Alex Trebek has become so familiar and comforting to see after doing it for so many years. 

Here's another good one -- "The People's Court".  It was so awesome with Judge Joe Wapner.  Then it went through a bunch of saps after that that were never as good.  Judge Judy stole the format and dominated it.  So maybe this one proves it's the host.  Definitely the host. 

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I remember Family Feud before Harvey. The guy before him (don't remember his name) sucked. The Dawson era was pretty good, but I think that you're right that it wasn't nearly as good of a show as it was when Dawson hosted or before Harvey hosted. Of the two, it's very hard to find who I prefer more! Probably Harvey as I have watched him a lot more and it's pretty hard to imagine the show after he inevitably leaves.

As for Jeopardy, yeah, it's going to be hard after Alex is gone. Unlike a lot of the Family Feud hosts or Millionaire hosts, Alex was there for eternity. It was basically his show. When people think of the show, they think of him. It's going to be the same show, sure, and it'll probably still be watchable. But it won't be the same.

So, yes, it's the host. In most cases at least.

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