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Hello from Michigan!


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Hello everyone! I heard about this forum of Atari and retro gaming fans from The Atari Creeps YouTube channel. I tend to put things off (definitely not one of my favorite traits) but finally registered and look forward to digging into the forum! Ain’t afraid to say I’m 51 y/o, and grew up on what’s now considered “trendy”, and that’s classic video gaming! I know Chris aka The Atari Creep mentions the high score challenges here, and I definitely wanna get in on that! Don’t know if there’s a marketplace here, but interested in checking that out too! Anyhow guys, I look forward to meeting you as time goes by...

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Thank you for the kind words everyone! Definitely appreciated🙏

On 11/12/2020 at 6:31 PM, nosweargamer said:

Welcome Wade. 

Did you always live in Michigan?

I grew up in the suburbs by Detroit, but  now live in Tennessee.

Yep, grew up on the west side in the Manistee area, a few blocks from the Lake Michigan channel. Other than being in the navy and some travel I’ve been around the northern part of the state.

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