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Control Issues - Playing Video Games UNTIL I DIE

Control Issues

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So, I recently started a little series of streams on Twitch I've been calling my "UNTIL I DIE" streams.  I will pretty much just load up a lot of games in an emulator and play them for one life.  Most of them I've never played before and some go very quickly.  But as soon as I die the first time, I move on to the next game.  I go through quite a few games in one stream, sometimes around 50, 60 or 70 of them depending on how long I stream that day and how terrible I do at the games.  Anyway, I started putting "highlight" reels of my deaths on YouTube.  (I also do some reviews on novelty and/or relatively uncommon sodas, so some of those are sprinkled in there, too.)  Anyway, enjoy my incompetence!








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